Gwen and Ida need your help

Nu Sass and Uncle Funsy Productions are teaming up to bring Gwen and Ida:
The Object is of No Importance to Caos on F, June 7 – 30.

Ida needs a break, she needs Jack to give her that break, and she's going to use the life story of neglected painter Gwen John to get that break. Gwen - she has opinions about that.

Gwen and Ida is written by David S. Kessler, Directed by Lynn Sharp Spears and stars:
Aubri O’Connor as Gwen John, Rebecca Ellis as Ida Lupino, Matty Griffiths as Jack Warner

There are many immutable costs incurred in theater, and ticket sales cover but a meager portion of expenses. Nu Sass and Uncle Funsy Productions are committed to properly compensating the talented people onstage, backstage, and all areas in between. Your tax deductible contribution helps support those artists. Your gift will help now and your moral support provides the healthy kick in the pants we need to embark on crazy new theater projects.

Check out all the cool things you can get by donating. Yowza!
There are some fine non-tote bag options available:

$10 – Alice Guy-Blache – Personal thank you note from Nu Sass and Uncle Funsy
$30 – Mary Cassatt – (Thank you note + ) A tweet and/or Facebook shoutout to you
$50 – Agnes Varda – (Previous benefits + ) 1 ticket to a performance of your choice (choose early – it’s a small theater)
$100 – Artemesia Gentileschi – (Previous benefits + ) Another comp ticket (for a total of 2) and The Gwen and Ida poster, signed if you wish
$250 – Ida Lupino – (Previous benefits +) A personally autographed copy of the Gwen and Ida script... sure to be a collector's item!
$500 – Gwen John – (All previous benefits + ) Freshly baked bread and a jar of specially-created "Gwen and Ida" cocktail (with its really secret recipe), made by Kessler himself!